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A key ingredient of any successful system
The main organisational benefits of adopting rich Internet Applications include:
Automated operational processes become completely transparent. The organisation benefits from improved visibility, consistency and control of their efforts.
All business processes are well documented and process meta-data is available to external information systems
Business process results become clearer throughout the organisation. Strategic initiatives can be judged against scorecards.
Organisations can identify process bottlenecks by analysing exceptional process areas.
Overall the organisation benefits from a faster ROI on process improvements.
At Quest we use multi-tiered architectures with web services to create rich Internet Applications.

Such applications include portal development and online and mobile business solutions. For example, supply chain management, customer relationship management, human resource management, sales force automation and so on.
Rich Internet Applications transparently co-ordinate the business processes between people, information systems and data.

This greatly improves the ability of each participating party to make informed decisions effectively.