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Back Office

Web-enabled Back Office Systems serve to:
  • Improve overall organisation efficiency
  • Support better planning
  • Enhance organisation delivery
  • Improve customer satisfaction/ensure customer retention
  • Improve business intelligence
  • Facilitate closer management
Specific Back Office Systems include:
  • Stock Control/Asset Management
  • Ledger Systems
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
Back Office Systems represent a more mature area of the software application market. The advent of the networked PC especially led to an explosion in the adoption of these. Few companies or organisations do not operate some form of Back Office System. Many of these tend to tie the organisation together.

Recent advances in net-based technology have meant it is now possible to make these already invaluable systems yet more efficient. Broadband and the .NET framework mean most SMEs can now realistically afford to operate geographically distributed, secure operations, with relatively little cost.

Whether enabling an existing offline Back Office System for the web or developing a completely new one, we have the capability to meet our customers' requirements.

Using the same principles as with Front Office Systems, we use our Business Process Engine to form the core of any system we create. We customise and add to this as appropriate for a client.

The combination of a web-enabled Back Office System with a web-enabled Front Office System will allow our clients to gain great competitive advantage. Not only will all areas of the business/organisation be communicating with one another in a seamless manner, general management of the company becomes far simpler. Traditional geographic barriers become no more and overall customer satisfaction significantly increased.