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Front Office

The main purposes of Front Office Systems serve to:
  • Manage sales processes
  • Improve customer support/service
  • Improve business intelligence
  • Support marketing activity
Specific Front Office Systems include:
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Order Handling/Transaction Processing
Front Office Systems encompass all client facing functions and processes any given organisation makes use of during the course of everyday activity. Front Office Systems provide essential support to frontline staff and help maintain healthy relationships with clients.

Whether providing support to a new sales lead, speedily handling a customer enquiry or simply processing a transaction, a well-designed Front Office System can maximise an organisation's efficiency, whilst also greatly enhancing its reputation.

Increasingly the SME market and public sector are growing more aware of the importance of web-based Front Office Systems to provide genuine competitive advantage. Traditionally such systems have been expensive, difficult to implement and difficult to integrate with back-office systems.

Those web-enabled, vendor-based products that were available followed a "one-size fits all" approach to try and overcome this. This, however, left many companies with unwieldy web-enabled Front Office Systems, whose impact was minimal at best.

Using our Business Process Engine we are able to develop bespoke feeling solutions for our clients, without constantly having to "re-invent the wheel". By taking a core of application modules we modify and add to these as each client requires.