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A key ingredient of any successful system

A successful portal needs 3 key ingredients:
  • Community
  • Content
  • Collaboration
Specific features of a portal include:
  • Application delivery mechanisms
  • Access to the organisational knowledge base
  • Collaboration tools
  • Varied content integration
  • Shared Drives/Files
  • Specific industry news feeds
Portals are widely regarded as being superb mechanisms for the dissemination of large amounts of varied information. Using our in-house technology and other well-recognised techniques, we are able to offer our clients technically advanced solutions in this field, for relatively little cost.

While the provision of information is important to a successful portal this is not its only main function. A thriving portal should improve the knowledge and effectiveness of its users in a variety of manners (e.g. peer to peer learning can be greatly enhanced by a well deigned portal). It should also provide a platform through which ideas can be expressed and debate be held.

When combined properly these ingredients serve to create a virtual society. They bind its community together and reinforce a sense of common purpose and belonging.

We fully appreciate the intricacy a portal requires and work hard to engage end-users when building them. Constant feedback is essential to any success of such a product.