Our aim at Quest is to minimize the friction in the business process, by removing as many “touch-points” as possible. The result is an application that enables rapid workflow, manpower savings and a greatly increased competitive edge.

If you have a business process that doesn’t fit into “of the shelf” software then give us a call on 0161 2410409
At Quest, we develop and maintain bespoke applications, tightly tailored to our clients needs.
At Quest we use multi-tiered architectures with web services to create rich internet applications
January, 2009
Quest launch fully hosted VOIP solution QBISCom
November, 2008
QBIS implmented at thebookinghub.com booking site
Our technical ability and design skills to allow us to create extremely advanced and efficient solutions
Our portfolio spans all vertical markets and ranges from Small Medium Business to enterprise scale applications
From the outset, I decided that The Booking Hub was going to offer a level of service to hypnotherapists that no other provider offered. QBIS made this possible.