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July 2009 - Quest launches new Wiki

Quest Projects has now released its new online Wiki covering its QBIS and QBIS Com product line. The Wiki can be accessed by going to and contains not only static documentation but also many video screencasts covering all aspects of the software.

qbiscomJanuary 2009 - Quest launches QBISCOM

QBISCOM is Quest’s latest product – a fully hosted VOIP solution for small to medium businesses.  QBISCOM gives small companies instant access to a host of sophisticated PBX features, without the need to install an expensive PBX in-house.

“Many Telco suppliers are telling companies they can have access to cheap VOIP calls, but only by purchasing their expensive hardware and maintenance contract.   That is no longer true.  All you need to use QBISCOM is a pc, with internet connectivity.  And there is NO hardware or maintenance costs.

QBISCOM works like a Pay-As-You-Go mobile phone.  All you do is sign on at the QBISCOM website, put £100 in your account to cover calls and off you go.  It is one of the cheapest, most cost effective VOIP services on the planet.  Plus, you get a fully features switchboard for all your staff.  The cost savings for a small, multi-branch company can be thousands each year.

qbiscomNovember 2008 - QBIS Powers The

The Booking Hub is a booking resource that takes live telephone (or web) bookings for clients, such as restaurants, Therapists or any busy professional, who books regular appointment

October 2008 - Quest adds Image Management to QBIS

QBIS now has Image & Document  Storage, Management and Retrieval functionality.  Developed for the needs of a major French company that was grinding to a halt with its old system.  With a need to handle 3 million images per annum, the system needed to be both fast, robust and simple to use.  The system handles images of scanned payment documents, that have to be visually checked for acceptance, then stored for cross reference if needed in future.

August 2008 - QBIS powers Hired Help

Quest’s QBIS product has been used to power Hired Help, a virtual PA/Reception service that handles clients business needs on a service basis.

June 2008 - Quest Projects launch QBIS

Quest Projects are excited at the launch of QBIS, their Business process Engine, incorporating a multitude of functions, including –

  1. Contact Management
  2. CRM
  3. Lead Management
  4. Workflow
  5. Appointment Making
  6. Resource Booking
  7. Project Management
  8. Document Management